Wood Kitchen Renovation

Although this space was smaller in size, the tasteful design provides great functionality, maximizing the areas potential and was custom-tailored for this family’s needs.

Using a dark colour as the base and island, while keeping the upper cabinets and oven wall lighting, this created a good balance in the space. We pulled many of the colours from the beautiful quartz countertop the customer fell in love with during the kitchen designing process, showing that the smallest details can make the biggest difference when designing any space. With a focus on overcoming the obstacles of the space, we were able to create a useful area by the stairway allowing storage and countertop space for the family to use for small appliances, décor, and further storage needs.

This project was quite enjoyable and a great example of the benefits of a custom designed space. Especially when you are looking to maximize utility, functionality, and yours and your families experience of the space.

Designed by:

Angeline Kassar

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